Content Development

In addition to traditional content development, Training Way can quickly convert instructor-led training into an online format. Our process to convert content from classroom to online delivery is based on a production ratio of 15 hours of labor, to 1 hour of instruction. The process is simple:

  1. Meet with the instructor to coordinate the course capture event.
    At this meeting, our content conversion specialist will discuss all aspects of the course, including group activities, reading assignments, handouts, homework, and testing.
  2. Attend a live presentation of course.
    During this time we will capture both video and audio of the instructor and presentation. Our content conversion specialist will also make note of all instructor boardwork, flipcharts, and other training materials used in the classroom.
  3. Convert all presentation materials and captured lecture audio into a set of graphics, animations, text, and audio that is suited for delivery through the Training Way learning management system.
  4. Transfer the online course content to the Training Way content delivery servers.
  5. Enroll students into the course.