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How to Attract Applicants to Undesirable Jobs

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Not every job can be fun and glamorous. Recruiting for less than
picture perfect positions can present quite a challenge. You can
overcome that hiring hurdle, however, with these hints.

- Start with a referral program. It stands to reason that those
who currently occupy such positions are friends with those who
share similar interests. Offer a monetary bonus for all
referrals who are hired.

- Target those who are most likely to enjoy the features of the
position. For example, if the job involves outdoor work in the
cold, aim your search at those active in ski organizations,
hunting clubs, etc. If the position requires manual labor, look
at local chapters of Habitat for Humanity.

- Counter the position's negatives. For instance, if the job
requires a lot of traveling, point out that you provide generous
travel allowances.

- Hire in groups. Some positions are so monotonous that having
friends around makes it easier to deal with the dullness. Offer
to hire teams of good friends.

- Mix things up a little. If you have several less than exciting
jobs that greatly differ from each other, inform applicants that
you'll let them rotate to try out each job. This might appeal to
the office worker who always wondered what it was like to work
outside all day or vice versa.


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