Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Features and Benefits of Interview Generator

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Interview Generator (IG) is...

Feature Benefit
Competency Based Built on the specific behaviors that underlie successful job performance.
Job Related Not generic: questions, answers and rating criteria relate to specific positions.
A Behavioral Interviewing System Extensive research supports behavioral interviewing (i.e. past performance as a reliable indicator of future performance) as the most effective technique available; 90% of the interview questions in IG are constructed as behavioral questions.
Legally Defensible Built-in focus on the specific job offers protection against potential claims of discrimination, favoritism, or interviewer bias.
Structured, yet Flexible Multiple interview questions supply the interviewer with more than enough material for an in-depth interview, but with opportunity for probing follow-up questions.
Objective; includes the "Answers" to Interview Questions It's not enough to ask a good question; interviewers need to know what to look for in a candidate's response. This tool pairs specific "target behaviors" with each interview question.
FAIR and Reliable Using a defined rating system, the interviewer assesses each job-related competency, then the candidate's suitability for the job overall.
Establishes a Legal Record The IG guide captures the interviewer's observations and feedback, serving as official documentation of the selection process.