Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Job Description Template-Link Pay to Performance

Instructions: Distribute copies of this questionnaire to supervisors, personnel staff members, job analysts, and others who may be involved in writing job descriptions. Ask them to record their answers to these questions in writing. This information will be used later in designing a job description format or in filling out the existing job description form. For many questions, you might want to leave a full page for an answer.

1. What is the job title? ___________________________________________

2. In what department is the job located? ___________________________________________

3. What is the title of the supervisor or manager to whom the jobholder must report?


4. Does the jobholder supervise other employees? If so, give their job titles and a brief description of their responsibilities.

Position Supervised Responsibilities

_____________________________ ___________________________________________


_____________________________ ___________________________________________


_____________________________ ___________________________________________


5. What essential function duties does the jobholder perform regularly? List them in order of importance.

Duty Percentage of Time Devoted to This Duty

1. _________________________ __________

2. _________________________ __________

3. _________________________ __________

4. _________________________ __________

5. _________________________ __________

6. _________________________ __________

7. _________________________ __________

6. Does the jobholder perform other duties periodically? Infrequently? If so, please list, indicating frequency.

7. How often if the job holder given:

Constantly Frequently Infrequently Seldom
Authority overothers

8. What are the working conditions? List such items as noise, heat, outside work, and exposure to bad weather.




9. How much authority does the jobholder have in such matters as training or guiding other people?




10. How much education, experience, and skill are required for satisfactory job performance?



11. At what stage is the jobholder’s work reviewed by the supervisor?



12. What machines or equipment is the jobholder responsible for operating?



13. If the jobholder makes a serious mistake or error in performing required duties, what would be the cost to management?








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