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Little White Lies on Resumes

N.Y. Times

Little white resume lies aren't so little when they cause huge hiring mistakes. Last year organizations like Bausch & Lomb, Veritas Software, the United States Olympic Committee and the University of Notre Dame all discovered in very public ways that their perfect candidates had misrepresented credentials on their resumes and curriculum vitae. Resume padding is not exclusive to the executive set. Especially in a competitive job market, candidates at every level may be tempted to fudge the truth in order to gain a leg up on the other applicants. While large organizations place their candidates under a background-screening microscope and can uncover these misrepresentations, most small and midsize companies still are not routinely investigating their applicants. Skills may be misrepresented, degrees never achieved and employment dates could be stretched to cover layoff periods. Even little white lies that may seem innocuous could be very harmful – both to the candidate's professional reputation and to the hiring company – when finally discovered.


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