Interview questions and structured interviewing
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Scan yourself from your head to your toes

Ask yourself:

  • What do I look like?
  • What am I wearing?
  • Am I appropriately dressed for the company that I am interviewing for?
  • Are my clothes wrinkled or dirty; have spot or holes/
  • Do my clothes fit? Are they too tight or too big?
  • Are my clothes outdated or vintage? (the John Travolta polyester suit might be great on the dance floor but is it good for an interview?)
  • Do I have a run in my panty hose?
  • Am I wearing the Friday night “pick me up” bar clothes; (the slut look)?
  • What kind of shoes am I wearing? (sandals or dirty comfortable shoes)
  • Are you wearing so much jewelry that you look like your are competing with “Mr. T”

Ask yourself:

  • Am I wearing too much perfume or cologne?
  • Do I have bad breath?
  • Do I smell like a pack of cigarettes?
  • Do I smell like my kids, my kitchen or my animals?
  • Do I smell like the big A – Alcohol….It stays with you even till the next morning

Ask yourself:

  • Does my hair cover my face like “Cousin It”
  • Is My hair pulled back:
  • Do I have so many butterflies in my hair that I need to have net to catch them all?
  • Is my hair neat and clean?
  • Do I have “bed head”
  • Do I have a curler stuck in my hair?

Ask yourself:

  • What am I carrying in my bag/brief case?
  • Do I have a water bottle, papers, clothes, newspapers, books, magazines, food, brochures and materials from my other interviews etc. spilling from my bag?
  • Do I have the appropriate materials, resumes and references in a neat folder?
  • Do I have black pens or red pens in my bag?