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Temping: Recent Grads


Recent Grad? -- What You Need to Know to be a Temp

Temping is a great way for a new jobseeker to gain experience in the working world. Unfortunately, employers still look for job seekers to have some experience even for entry-level positions.

Recruiters will test on job seekers to ascertain their abilities with different software. The most common tests are in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for positions such as administrative assistants. Applicants should have some basic knowledge of these programs in order to gain such a position.

Also important is the ability of applicants to communicate clearly and handle multiple tasks. Other skills employers look for are phone etiquette, customer service skills, and the ability to work independently as well as within a group. With the amount of competition out there, you need to be as well rounded as possible.

So how do you get the experience employers are looking for?

Try getting a summer job as a start. Being a waitress, sales clerk, hotel housekeeper, etc. will show potential employers your responsibility, your work ethic as well as your ability to work with other employees and customers.

Internships can also help you decide a career path to start on. It’ll give you exposure to the industry of your choice as well as provide you with some networking contacts to help you in your job search.

Volunteering shows your maturity as well as gives you more networking avenues.

Extra-curricular activities such as Student Government, Sororities & Fraternities, and other school-run clubs can help you in showing your organizational skills and your ability to work within a team. Did you take any leadership positions in your activities? Did you help organize any fundraisers? Make sure to note these types of items on your resume.

Temping can be a rewarding experience as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into. Know that you’ll be working in a variety of assignments and you need to be open-minded about them. Once you get that job, don’t forget to do more than just complete what you’re assigned to do. Try to do more and show enthusiasm. It could lead to a permanent position. Temping is a great way to get experience in new things. Learn as much as you can about different departments, practice using new technologies you haven’t been exposed to before, and always ask as many questions as you need to. Don’t forget above all to stay positive and keep in mind that everyone around you is a potential networking contact so keep marketing yourself as much as possible.