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Tips for Building Employment-Related Websites

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Candidate Voice offers a presentation to employers on how to improve their sites, centering on respecting the candidate’s time, dignity, and privacy. Here, excerpted by permission, are their fifteen suggestions to improve employment Website etiquette so as to better respect the candidates who visit:

1) Perform a comprehensive accessibility analysis. Make your offerings available to the legally blind and other ADA categories.

2) If you hire non-English speaking people, make translations available.

3) Create an employment-specific privacy policy.

4) Create a Data Disposition Policy. Tell people when you are going to purge the database. Tell them what happens to their personal information.

5) Add an “E-Mail-A-Friend” capability. This allows people to look for a job on your site without upsetting their boss. It’s a privacy feature.

6) Always acknowledge the receipt of an application. Automated processes are sufficient. Not doing so is rude.

7) Delete administrative details from job descriptions. Leaving them in makes you look lazy.

8) Make the job search function easy to find. Make it no more than two clicks away from the company home page.

9) Help people understand whether or not they’ll fit in. Make the culture section useful.

10) Give clear and meaningful benefits information…the details and an easy way to understand them.

11) Write job descriptions in exciting and compelling plain language. Check their readability. College graduates read at the 9th Grade Level.

12) Don’t bombard candidates with unsolicited email. They’ll think your company sells “herbal Viagra.”

13) Always explain the value that you both get when you ask for information. Say Please and Thank-you.

14) Treat visitors like decision makers who need information. Taking a new job is a bigger decision than buying a house.

15) Help people understand when they won’t fit in. It saves them time and improves your database quality.

These tips are also valuable for Workforce agencies, or anyone who builds an employment-related Web site.


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